A powerful visual drag and drop editor for email signatures

With designers and agencies can create beautiful, custom email signatures. Start with a template, change colors, fonts, spacing, add any amount of fields and rearrange them.
Individuals can build a personal signature for free!
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Hi Product Hunt! 👋 I am a freelance web designer and developer from Minneapolis, MN. I often found that making email signatures for clients was a pain. Coding it yourself was annoying, the free tools were too limiting, and the paid tools were too expensive! I set out about a year ago to develop an editor that was tailored exactly for email signatures without limits on how many fields or images can be included. After hundreds of hours of development and thousands of email signatures created by users during the beta phase I am excited to share it with you today. You can build a free email signature right now with the tool, no sign up required: One of the main paid features is the ability to create custom email signature generators for your own team or your clients. Then you can email out a link and each employee creates their signature. View an example link of the Product Hunt team's future email signature: 🤞 https://producthunt.signature.em... I’ve got big ideas about the future of this tool. 💡 Would love your feedback and suggestions for improvements. 🙏 Thanks, Jesse Sutherland
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@thejester12 hey Jesse! Cool stuff. Would you consider adding a "call me" or "book me" line to a template at all?
@joelrunyon Hey Joel, I probably should add an example of one of those, but it doesn't have to be in the template for you to use it! Click on one of the plus signs and you can add a BUNCH of new fields. Some are specific like name or address, but some are generic like "Text" or "Link" or "Image". So you could easily add a Link field with some text like "Call me", and add an icon in front of it or something like that! I will also be adding a "Button" field in the near future, which will allow for solid colored buttons. Need to make sure it renders well across all of the email browsers so it wasn't quite ready for the launch today.
Big fan of @TheJester12's new signature creation tool! It's actually far more powerful than you realize at first... and helped me produce what I'm now using in my Superhuman email signature! Check it out:
@chrismessina Nice sig Chris! Thanks again for the hunting the app!
This was very needed in my life, thank you!
?makers Does this work with Google Suite admin level signatures? Eg. Setting a company wide signature?
I cannot change picture / avatar :( Message me if you need any details.
@rohov_dmytro Looking into it, will message you thanks!
@thejester12 it's hard to move stuff, not having «ctr+z» is also a pain :( Did not get it how to remove avatar and move all things to the left. The idea is nice. Me as a user currently frustrated. :) Wish you luck, though! Hit me on twitter if you'll need to test it one more time.
@rohov_dmytro I agree, Ctrl + z would be nice. Sorry to hear that you are getting frustrated. Will continue to iron out any rough edges in the app.
@thejester12 ping me on twitter if you need some help with testing