Free daily stock & forex signals powered by AI

Free daily stock & forex signals powered by social sentiment, artificial intelligence, neural networks and cloud computing

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Compelling on the one hand but on the other...the site reads like an scrolly infomercial, "get rich" promo and no information on the team behind the product. I go to the FAQ and am looking for one important question which is "Who are you?" And I'm wondering what happens with my information once I'm on your e-mail list. Showing certs on a page doesn't help either: Terms and Privacy pages typically have *some* information about the entity - yours has none. And then there's you: - did you just join Twitter two days ago and are Marketing Head of A google search on "Josh Reghn" reveals nothing.
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@niyogi lol "joined twitter two days ago"... "yeah I'm head of marketing" haha
@niyogi Hello, we don't spam or sell your data. We plan to add premium features at a later date.
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@niyogi I love this comment ❣️
Hey Josh - super interesting product! Can you tell us more about how the neural networks and social sentiment analysis play a role and how you gather that data? @joshreghn
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@abadesi Thank you. Neural networks are used to find patterns of the past hour, day and week. While social sentiment is used to get events which can change the value of a company very quickly. People tweet about new events for a stock almost immediately while regular news can take hours and days. This instant reaction can catch new announcements and figure out if they are positive or negative.
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Why not charge for product minor amount, instead of spam ads like yahoo finance or cnn money stock ticker page?
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@jnptl We're looking to add more features for a premium service
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