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#3 Product of the DayMay 10, 2016
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Slack has been creating a unique social graph, unlike: Facebook is for your friends and family Twitter is for people you admire LinkedIn is for people you've worked with before or met at an event Slack is for people you work with today When users login via Slack, sites can now connect people with their team. Quip, one of their launch partners, is a perfect use case for this (see here). Product Hunt overlaps with professional and personal interests. Perhaps we should add a Sign in with Slack option. 😊 More details comparing it to Facebook Connect by TechCrunch's @ingridlunden and @joshconstine right here.
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Another killing shot by team @slack..!! Thanks for sharing this @rrhoover .. You are always first to bring it up.. (Y)
@rrhoover @ingridlunden @joshconstine So right with the diferent social media platforms references!
@rrhoover @ingridlunden @joshconstine Slack is killing it, the real blast ⚡️
@rrhoover can't say this was unexpected. Seemed like a foregone conclusion the second you signed up for your second Slack team or integrated your first App or Bot with them. And totally agree about the social graph, or as some have said, THE professional social graph(s). When people ask me what's so special about it, I just bring up the multiple examples of interacting with top SMEs on the fastest growing industries from leading orgs and companies by just saying hi, in a casual and private atmosphere. Add to that the ability to authenticate with multiple teams and different creds from the same interface on any device, well, how can you beat that? It's the product. A damn good product. (The people there aren't so bad either!)
Hi, we partnered wit Slack and integrated the button into for the launch. There are some things and caveats to consider when integrating it, so I wrote a quick post commenting on those: Hopefully it'll be useful :)
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Great move by Slack — curious which well known companies will be first to adopt it. 🔮
This is awesome! Quip + Slack will be killer
We had a blast building Quip's all-new Slack integration, launched TODAY. With Quip for Slack, you can add documents, spreadsheets, and checklists to your Slack team. Best of all, Sign in with Slack makes the team set-up process a breeze! Thanks to @sean_a_rose and the whole team at Slack for the deep collab that make this possible.