A beautiful, decentralized and open source blog maker

Sigle is an open source and decentralized blog maker created with Blockstack.

It is safe from any censorship and you maintain your privacy and freedom.

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Hi Producthunt 👋 Really excited to launch Sigle today! Sigle is free to use and open source, it allows you to create beautiful and decentralized blogs. We built it with blockstack so it means that you own your data, we only rely on Gaia for the storage so you can decide to use the default blocktack storage or run your own storage (S3, Dropbox and more). When you create a draft the story is private, it means that only you can decrypt it and other people can't see it. If you decide to publish it will be stored decrypted so you can share the link and everybody will be able to see it! A lot of new features are coming in the next weeks : - New themes 👩‍🎨 - Improved experience - More settings - SEO - And more! Since it's an open source project if you want to propose a new feature or report a bug feel free to open an issue on our github 🚀 Any feedback welcome!

I would call it the Wordpress of decentralized-blogging. I'm impressed by the simplicity and the UX of this app. Feels like the first priority of the team is the User Experience. Honestly I'm looking forward what the new features will be. Really awesome job!


- Simple, just focus on writing. - Decentralized without tears - Amazing UX/UI


Didn't find any so far. Perhaps I'd like to have a directory of trending blog posts from other authors.

Thank you for taking a look. Feel free to ask anything you want and give your thought!

It's an amazing, intelligent product and it's just going to get better every day !


It's decentralized and great to use !


hm.. don't know :)

I gotta commend the creators of sigle. Your attention to detail is just <3. Kudos! the overall user experience is ++. Would love to see feature updates like a home page where we can all the public stories.
@louise_ivan Hello Louise, Thank you so much for all! It feels good to hear 😃 You actually have a home page. When you publish your stories and then click on your ID, you'll go to your home page where you'll be able to see all your public stories! Then, you have a "stories" button on your header to go back to this page 😉 Check out our blog to see :