Sifthub is the easy way to discover your next show to binge.

Watch trailers of trending shows, swipe right to track those you like and left to hide them forever. Every trailer you see will always be new to you. Trending shows updated daily.

Now available on the iOS App Store!

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Hi Hunters! Sifthub is a tinder-like experience where you watch tv show trailers to sift through the ones you're interested in. We guarantee that you will never see the same show twice! Peter and I left Apple and created Sifthub to because we spent too much time looking for shows and not enough time actually watching them. We think this is the best way to sift through content like video games, movies, vacations, etc. and we are working to make this happen. What are your biggest complaints when it comes to finding shows?
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Looks awesome! Is there a timeline with everyone's impressions/suggestions? Oh also, do you ban spoilers? ๐Ÿ˜›
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@zelena Thanks!! For now suggestions only come from Sifthub or from a friends recommendation. Initially we're focusing on TV show discovery, but we definitely have discussion/impressions on our roadmap! We want to do it right (yes we'll aim to be spoiler-free) so all input is welcome!
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Our initial launch is US only but we plan to roll out to other territories later. It's our bedtime here in CA, so for those outside the US here's Test Flight access:
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Great tool that stop us from wasting time and getting to see the shows we want to see.





Is it available in the UK?
@andy_cook Right now it's U.S. only, but UK is coming! If you (or any others in the UK) want to try it now I can get you Test Flight access or a promo code!
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@peter_hsieh_42 That would be perfect! Very keen to try this out :)
@andy_cook Awesome! I'll message you!
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