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Since Siftery launched last year I've been using it as my go to source for what software is available and what different companies are using. I have also been using Siftery to find new software products to hunt on Product Hunt :). Because I'm so excited about the product and its potential, I recently joined Siftery to help them grow their community. We're also launching a series of "Creator Stories" to showcase up-and-coming products, launches, and the stories behind them. Creator stories are interviews with the founders/operators where we ask them questions on the problem they are solving, why they are solving them, what makes them unique, why an end customer should buy their product and so on. For these stories, We're giving priority to companies that are already getting recommendations and are starting to move up the Trending Products feed.
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@kwdinc Awesome launch guys, keep it up!
@kwdinc Really like the UI! Awesome concept!
@kwdinc Great stuff πŸ‘
@kwdinc Great job Kevin! Can't wait to use Siftery :)
Great job on this site guys. My only comment would be for the 'Trending Products' to be a little more up-and-coming and unknown? This might just be my opinion, but at the moment Slack, Github etc are software tools that are pretty much ingrained in this type of community/culture. I for one didn't 'discover' anything new until I clicked 'Show More' a few times. But otherwise, fantastic work, keep it up.
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@steerj92 john, we believe that the community will float up a lot of the relatively less well-known products, at t=0 the bias will be towards products with an already broad user base. one way we're countering this is to boost products that are getting good sentiment in a short period of time, you'll see these as "wild cards". that said, more work to do. many thanks for your feedback!
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@vammok Thanks for the response. It sounds like you are already working towards fixing this, I totally understand that early on the already popular products will make their way to the top, but like you say, building something in to allow fantastic unknown products to be featured would be a great addition. Thanks for coming back to me and good luck with the site's future
@steerj92 Thanks for the feedback! We're certainly trying to strike the right balance. In addition to the curated "wildcards", we're calculating recommends on a 30 day rolling basis so that any product can have a chance at exposure. Since a user can only recommend a product once, over time the more obvious products should find it relatively more difficult to get new recommendations. Additionally, by adding filters for recommendations from only certain groups (e.g. 'Unicorn' startup companies) the impact of exhausting the available votes might be even more noticeable (e.g. If all unicorn users recommend Slack in January, there would be no unicorn user votes left for Slack in February). Let us know if you have any more ideas - thoughts; this is something we're thinking about quite a bit!
@ggiaco That makes a lot of sense. Thank you for the additional information. I have recently been comparing various email marketing software by using the traditional methods such as Google and the firm's Features/Pricing pages. I must say, it was nice to have access to a single list of the email marketing software available and see some basic comparisons, so I instantly see the usefulness of this site. Any plans to bring in Pricing/Features to the comparisons?
Thanks for hunting us @erictwillis! We created Trending Products to be a fast and easy way to stay on top of the B2B products that are making waves. The Product Hunt community has been amazing to Siftery (thanks for the Golden Kitty)! Hope you'll check this out and let us know what you think. For a more detailed overview, we posted on Medium: https://blog.siftery.com/introdu...
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I really love the interactions on the site - it's kind of addicting to just click around. Super useful to keep tabs on the latest products!
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Interesting way to drill down on products, certainly more value than a simple stack/stash. One thing I'd like to see is a "bootstrap" group, to see if there's any differences in the products used there.
@fredrivett Interesting! There are certain company characteristics that are relatively easy to identify (e.g. affiliation like a VC's portfolio, geography, company size) and then filter by those characteristics. So, we could create a filter for recommendations from users at Fortune 500 companies, for example. If you mean bootstrapped companies, how would you suggest we identify bootstrapped companies? Can we do better than self-reported?
@ggiaco I'm not entirely sure Gerry. It would probably be a manual process. You could try and check to see if you can find out about funding rounds, and if not assume bootstrapped, but there'd probably be some errors with that method.
@ggiaco @fredrivett Suggestion is good. On the contrary, I am thinking if the product is good all will recommend it. Having a category like this will provide bootstrap companies an exposure for sure, but will it hamper the product ecosystem in certain way?
@ronnhere if you're indicating that promoting products from smaller, bootstrapped companies may introduce bias into the feed, you're right. on the other hand, mature products tend to have larger and more vocal user communities, often drowning out the signal from younger products. we're hoping to find a balance here by providing a platform for all products to get their users to recommend them and the best ones trend irrespective of whether they're bootstrapped or funded, and whether they've recently launched or been around a while.
@vammok We as a bootstrapped startup will be glad to have a section like this for our products as it will help us to get the limelight and reach to more people. But yes the balance is necessary, and on a second thought, when a platform helps products to get an equal exposure (helping the bootstrapped products will help it) will be super awesome.