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Interviews with creators to discover stories behind products

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We’re launching a series of "Creator Stories" to showcase up-and-coming products & the stories behind them. Creator Stories are interviews with founders/creators in which we ask them questions on the problem they are solving, why, what makes them unique, typical or interesting use cases, what they use to build their product/company, and so on. Through doing these interviews, we want to celebrate creators and also give buyers a better narrative and understanding for why they should use a software product. We wrote more about our launch on Medium:
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@kwdinc awesome launch Siftery team!
@yaekyum Thanks for sharing your story with us! I also wanted to add that we're adding links to the Creator Stories throughout the site (e.g. on the product cards on
@ggiaco we are glad to have been the first ones to take step with Siftery. Good luck throughout the next 20 so hours!
@kwdinc awesome. Is there a particular theme of products you are going to cover or pretty much anything? Are u going to categorize them, if you are going to cover all stories? Thx
Awesome! Honored to be featured with Salesflare one week after our own PH launch. 😀 (here's the story:
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@jeroen_corthout Thanks Jeroen. Great product, awesome story.
Excellent job with the launch guys! This will be incredibly helpful for us all 👌🏾
@jcornwall_ Great to hear you love the stories, Jason. Is there any Product that you would like us to do an interview with?
Thanks to all the awesome creators who have been generous with their time to help us get this project started. Hope to be publishing many, many more of these in the coming weeks!
Wow, great to have those stories in one place - such an inspirational boost :)
@kornelia Thank you! What's your favorite story so far?
@kwdinc the one about logo design as it has references to the not popular 'website builder' phrase and I had a similar issue with my startup description, so I'm quite into a topic ;)