Reduce your news anxiety

Sift offers a break from the never-ending news cycle—a space where you can pause and reflect on the issues behind the headlines.
Series 1 introduces six topics, published on a weekly basis, that unpack some of the most contentious issues of our time.
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Jeremy Vandehey
Risa Hiyama
Allie Packard
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  • Jeremy Vandehey

    Novel and informative approach to news and current events.


    Can't wait for more content.

    Hope this product is used by a ton of people so we can all be a bit more informed in the current day of negative newscycles & knee jerk reactions.

    Jeremy Vandehey has used this product for one month.
  • Risa Hiyama
    Risa HiyamaUI/UX Design, Graffity

    Love the interactive interface! Super engaging.


    I am excited too see Japanese contents in the future...! hehe

    The contents are very meaningful and the illustrations are beautiful.

    Risa Hiyama has used this product for one day.