Sieve is an operating system for work. We build tools for freelancers, help clients harness the power of freelancers as a fully managed team.

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Hello everyone 👋 I am the co-founder of Sieve. We are proud to announce the launch of Sieve 1.0 after private beta for nearly 6 months, and clients like Draper University. Sieve brings together the finest freelancers from around the world as a team ( a designer + developer + any special talents you need ) along with a project manager to get your projects done. You interact only with the project manager, we manage the rest. Our freelancers have previously built internal apps at Apple used by Tim Cook, lead teams at LinkedIn and from top schools such as Stanford. More than just a freelancing platform, we are here to change the way people work. Take a look at our larger vision here We are looking at helping startups without technical talents with “Engineering as a Service” where Sieve helps put together an engineering team to build the MVP or the first version to market, thereby eliminating the need of setting up an engineering team too early before they find a product market fit. Sketch by Sieve, For the amazing cat-lovers community at Product hunt, we are launching a customised version where you can experience Sieve. If you are someone with just an idea for a mobile app, you can talk to our engineers for just $199 and we will deliver a screen by screen wireframe, a development plan, and a landing page website so you can start talking to your customers - Everything in the next 100 hours! We want to show you how easy and efficient it is to get things done with a freelance team :-)
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Sieve couples top-notch freelancers from around the world as a team (usually a designer, developer and any special ops) along with a project manager to stop procrastinating and get your projects done (finally).
You had me at "We curate our talents using AI " SOLD!
It's a cool concept you guys have there !! All the best. Another great product from India.
Any specific reason you using a bootstrap template when you are a design focused company? Don't you think you should have a custom designed landing page as you provide landing pages to your clients too?
@d3f3nd0r Suman, we are reluctant to spend money unless our product needs it critically. For our website landing page, we had our awesome friends at Creative Tim help us. Our platform is more than the landing page, clients get a dashboard to view all the milestones, updates about the project, sign documents, payments and everything from a single point, along with talking to their PM. There we have a custom design to fit the needs :-)