A community of designers showcasing published work.

Sideway is a platform for Digital Product Designers, UI/UX Designers and Creatives to share their published work and connect with other designers.
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Hey PH 🥳, I’m Kshitij, Founder at Sideway, a community for designers to showcase their published work and connect with fellow creatives. I launched a private beta last year with about 500 users and have about 3000+ members on the waitlist. What is Sideway exactly? There is a piece missing from the Design Communities, the popular platforms around the Internet(for eg. Behance, Dribbble, etc) are facing heavy spam of conceptual work that rarely is a result of problem-solving considering the constraints of the real-world problems. That's why I made Sideway. Every Project is required to have a link to the product, whether a web link or app store. After almost 6 months in private beta and lots of iteration, I am excited to announce the public beta launch of Sideway. We’d love to hear your thoughts. Enjoy messing around and report bugs🦟 at Follow me on Sideway — 🙌 Cheers, Kshitij
Love the weblink functionality!
Looks like alternative to Dribbble, but much better! I'm tired on seing the fancy bells and whistles interfaces, much interesting to look at real products! Thanks for building it!
@alexanderolssen Really appreciate that. I personally don't think dribbble is bad, but I just think that there should be an alternative that helps to find designers who have been shipping their designs.
As a non-designer, this looks like a great source of inspiration.
@eric_froese thanks for the compliment. Looking forward to have more people onboard and to see what they share!