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#3 Product of the DayAugust 01, 2014
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This looks super useful, not just for on-boarding/educating consumers but also for employee training. cc @austingunter
@rrhoover Thanks Ryan! I agree. We're still in the early stages of product development, but the potential is spectacular (in my humble opinion). I've built company knowledge bases and intranets in the past, and I could definitely see how Sidekick would tie into that experience. Especially in organizations where software training is constant.
What I like about this approach is that you can include audio along side the typical UI pointers. Found it to be a much nicer experience.
@nelsonjoyce Thanks Nelson. :) We've also got captioning on the way (coming with our Composer beta: It's a wonderful feeling to get into an immersive "flow" when following a walkthrough, seeing/reading/hearing all at the same time.
This is so sick and useful great job!
@desisaran Thank you, Desi! Our walkthrough authoring tool, called Composer, is entering early beta later this month: (Just in case you wanna check it out, y'know, or tell your friends. :D )
This is awesome! We were actually in the process of laying out how we were going to build a lot of FTUX type experiences in the product similar to this. This will save us a lot of time and give us the flexibility to change things on the fly without messing with code in the product.
@jpatil Glad to hear it! One of my favourite things about Sidekick is the ability to quickly iterate on user training without touching the underlying software. (Especially true with the Composer authoring tool.) That's what I'm doing right now for all of our WordPress 4.0 walkthroughs. :)
Just take my money immediately. This looks so excellent.
@zefi Haha, thanks! How about we start with your input? :) Sign up for the Composer beta if you haven't already:
@andymci I did that instantly and am still waiting... I want this product an extreme amount.