Sidecar Shared Rides

Sidecar offers "Shared Rides"

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Today I saw that sidecar is offering "Shared Rides" where two strangers that are going the same way can share a ride. This seems like it could be cool in a market that is somewhat driven by price.
There goes Hitch's main value proposition. As cool as this is I wonder if people will use Sidecar.
Sidecar needs to make a change. I don't know their numbers but I'll go out on a limb and assume Lyft and Uber are eating the majority of the market share. cc'ing @snirkodesh from Hitch
@neilrichler The value-prop doesn't vanish, it actually just got stronger with validation by a competitor. I actually think any nascent space with just one player probably isn't solving much of a need. Seeing Lyft, Sidecar, and Uber vie at the UberX tier of service only validates that service; I see this as the same scenario and look forward to establishing Hitch as the leader there.
@snirkodesh You make a good point - in a market with lots of players the main differentiators will be features and growth strategies. I'll be curious to see how Hitch places itself in the marketplace. There's no doubt that there is an opportunity for a new player to take a part of the market. For some reason no one I know uses Sidecar so maybe Hitch will fill that space. I'll be sure to try it out when it comes out for Android!