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Naomi Assaraf 🔥
Founder, Golden Kitty Maker Nominee! 🎉
OMG Love this idea! 😻😻😻 It'll help me find my perfect outfit and save me so much time from doing the detective work! Thank you!!
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Nichole Elizabeth DeMeré
B2B SaaS Consultant
"SiBi - See It Buy It turns online fashion shopping upside down by removing two of the biggest hurdles to finding the clothing, shoes and accessories - text input and limited selections. With See It Buy It you discover apparel the same way you do when you shop for fashion in a mall - visually. Shop Instagram - Browse trending IG posts from top fashion influencers. See something you like? Just tap on it and SiBi finds dozens of matches to all the apparel items in the image. Shop by Photo - If you see an apparel item you like – anywhere or anytime - just snap a photo of it and submit it to the SiBi fashion discovery catalog and instantly matches for that apparel item will appear on your screen. Shop by Color - You can also shop for fashion by favorite colors. Just pick any color you like and SiBi will deliver back hundreds of apparel items in that color from the entire fashion catalog. Then you can use the powerful SiBi filters to narrow down your clothing choices to just a dress, a pair of shoes or a handbag for example."
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Joe Monastiero
CEO, nFlate / See It Buy It
We built SiBi to fix three problems that I always had when making a decision to buy something. 1st, when you see something you like and want to buy something similar, what do you usually do? You could be anywhere (party, street, park, wedding, whatever). Most people that I've asked "stash" the interest away in their head somewhere with the intent to go to the mall to find something similar "someday soon". Often this never happens. However... 2nd issue, when you do end up going to the mall "someday soon", you 95% of the time end up "settling" for something. That's the descriptive feeling most people get when they buy off the rack. And until now, forget about shopping by memory online. How would you do that? Think the image into the online store? The latest strategy has been to take a picture and then use that to compare online, using google visual search or something similar. 3rd is figuring out how to buy stuff you love that is in top trending fashion posts on Instagram. There have been a few other nice attempts at this, but they did not cross the finish line, allowing users to find and buy without leaving the app. We've taken it all the way to the finish line. With SiBi you can snap a photo anywhere, anytime at the "moment of inspiration". The app instantly returns dozens of similar items matches from the SiBi marketplace. The app is populated by about 500 apparel shops and about 250,000 products so far. And we're working in partnership with Shopify's merchant base of 400k, adding dozens of new merchants and product weekly. Checkout is in app. And we've integrated feeds from top IG fashionistas directly inside the app. They even have their own curated stores populated with market items that match their post stylings. We focus on 100% millennial and so far, 85% of the products submitted have been women's apparel.
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Lucy KeoniCo-founder, StartUpRising
Sibi is awesome. I alwaus find myself wondering where someone got an outfit but hate to stop them to ask. With this app, I can simply take a photo and get a dozen recommendations! This a gamechanger and has made shopping so much easier!
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Megan LiuCo-founder, CarpStreet
This app is so awesome that I can take a picture and find very similar clothes. I like the recommendations, and the database of selection is huge that I can browse similar styles in a range of different prices.
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