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Hello 👋 As some of you might remember, we launched a Web Dashboard in the fall allowing customers to price compare services and purchase shipping labels. Starting today, we’re adding the ability for Shyp customers in NYC, LA, Chicago, and San Francisco to bulk import orders (through CSV, Shopify or eBay) and schedule pickups for their shipments from the web dashboard. A bunch of people from Shyp will be lurking on PH today to answer any questions that you may have. PS: If you haven't tried Shyp yet and need a quick way to send items this Christmas, give us a try!
@nikunj this is great, I've been hoping for this and the web dashboard is super easy to use. However, big letdown that I need to wait for one pickup to happen before I can schedule another (from a different address). Any plans to allow for that?
@jhubball Yes, that is unfortunately a limitation on our platform. For now, the workaround (annoying I know) is to use multiple Shyp accounts to achieve that. We've heard this feedback multiple times from business customers. It's pretty high on our product roadmap to tackle in Q1. I'll reach out to you personally when we have this in beta so you can try it out :)
@nikunj Looking forward to it.