Shyp Returns

Painless returns without needing a box or shipping label

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Just tried with a Zappos order I had laying in my office for weeks. Brilliant, brilliant execution, the guy was here 10mn later. I really believe Shyp can get really big, really fast
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@ilan zappos has free returns no? why pay an extra?
@ourielohayon first you don't pay extra, second the ease of scheduling a shyp pickup has no comparison with UPS / Fedex
@ilan i totally get the ease of use (indeed!) but you do need to pay Shyp 5$ no?
@ourielohayon just checked, you're right, haven't noticed actually. Happy to pay $5 for the pain it's solving :)
@ilan makes total sense to pay for something that saves you time (and pain indeed)
Really excited to launch this new product. This was by far our most requested product extension. Really excited to see how it changed online shopping behavior.
This is great @kevingibbon! Like @awwstn said, some people were already doing this with Shyp. Your company turning a customer habit into a feature is just perfect here because it further helps user onboarding when they ask, "What can I use Shyp for?" You've recently launched in Miami, and I can't wait until you take into the rest of South Florida.
This is excellent. Returning thing is such a pain, and I've actually used Shyp for this in the past where I paid for shipping since I couldn't use the prepaid label. Great to see this supported now.
Congrats team Shyp, such a great feature!
Nice work, @kevingibbon and team. You mention this is "by far our most requested product extension." What other product extensions are you planning?
@rrhoover Thanks Ryan! We actually found people where "hacking" the system by entering in [insert retailer here]'s warehouse address in the TO field and handing us a pre-paid label. This was a no-brainer. Have a ton in the queue such as new city launches, reducing pickup times and overall product experience. Anything to make it a simpler/faster/cheaper experience we will do!