Shuttercase 2.0

Shuttercase turns your iPhone into a mirrorless camera

Shuttercase is made for mobile photographers and filmmakers. It enables you shoot your iPhone with a patented mechanical shutter button, removable camera grip, 3000mAH embedded battery and the latest Moment M lens interface.
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Launching this 1 week before new iPhones come out is BOLD
@robjbye Hey Robert, yes, the timing... We try to market Shuttercase at those who already purchased an XS Max or XS/X, instead of the new iPhone buyers. To make better use of the phones, you already got: ) We are more into the market of camera gear, rather than the traditional case market. Of course, it's always BEST to dance in the same rhythm with Apple. So, we will go for the 2020 iPhone ( with 4 lenses and 5G ) directly next Sep.
Hello, everyone, I'm the co-founder of Shuttercase Inc. Super excited to bring Shuttercase to the wonderful community of Producthunt. Thanks, Chris @chrismessina ! I started the idea of Shuttercase in 2016 with two friends, during a coffee chat in Gothenburg. Before, I was a mundane supply chain manager with a passion for photography. After several hours of wide brain-storm, I decided to try working on something fun, something of value, to make better use of my zest for mobile photography. The process turned out to be much more challenging than we expected; plus, everybody was still working on a fully occupied daytime job. After all sorts of trial and error, we managed to pull out the first generation Shuttercase prototype in July 2018. We decided to take it on Indiegogo on Sep. But here.. luck was not on our side. While we were occupied with the details of marketing our invention, Moment launched the super successful mobile filmmaking campaign with battery photo case and anamorphic lens, around 2 months ahead of us. And they indeed offered more value: a solution with the best lens system. So...although we were selling a completely different solution, we just couldn't make the crowd excited again within such a short time. But we decided to bring the product to the market, anyway. We have faith in the value of our invention, and our target competitors are Pictar and Morphie. And, thanks for the generous help from the Moment team, particularly from @marcbarros , we were able to refine our design and make a compatible lens interface with the latest Moment M lens system. Now, with improved shutter mechanism, more comfortable camera handle, better battery safety, and dozens of other seemingly small but crucial improvements, we are excited to launch the Shuttercase 2.0. The idea of Shuttercase is an open system based on modular design. Every critical component is removable and replaceable, including the lens mount, the camera handle with battery embedded, the leather surface cover and the thumb rest, etc. And since we don't use Bluetooth or anything electronic to trigger the shutter mechanism, it's super fast to swipe on the native iPhone Camera app and take a shot. In the future, we will bring in as many third-party extensions as possible. Thanks!
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Congratulations on the launch! It's an awesome product!
@dmitrykotlyarenko Thanks mate! We keep working on it: )
Neck strap?
@tenorllc Hey Matthew, we've attached a nice black nylon hand strap to the case. I will update photos latter.
@tenorllc Is it a replaceable strap that I can swap out for whatever I like to use?
@tenorllc @kaizendad Hey Wade, actually it's a nylon strap that you can swap. We just updated a new photo. The latest photo in the carousal shows it clearly.
@kaizendad @felix_fanfan nice. But that's not a neck camera strap. I want to go full tourist mode.
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