Shut Your Mouth API

An API to end cyber bullying 🤐


An API that detects negative/positive sentiments in text and returns a well-structured meaningful interpretation 🙂 💚

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The Idea is good, but the implementation isnt.

You basically have an API that scans the input for specific Words, problem is as an example if you write "I like Poptarts" it is marked as an offensive Message because it contains "tart"

You can't just make it so easy for yourself.

As an example "ho" is detected as an bad word. So "How are you doing" and everything else with how or hope in it is detected as insult.

If I would need something like this I wouldn't buy this product, because of 3 things:

1. The API is detecting friendly messages, the mechanism behind it is generally extremely simple which doesn't mean its good. Also "kys" isnt detected.

2. Privacy. Also I would be commiting a crime if I redirect all private messages to your API without clearly telling the client that I redirect all messages to you (and intelligent users will using that service because they dont want their private messages being broadcasted to an weird API)

3. The price is way too high. I think you are just trying to make a few fast bucks, but the price is really just to big, also considering that the API does nothing else than checking a string for other insults out of an insult list, and even that isn't done good.

As an example:

Whatsapp has 1.3 Billion monthly users, and 55 Billion Messages per day, so every user sends approximately 42 messages a day.

So lets say I have a website with a chat function and I use your API to filter their messages

Each user sends 1260 messages a month, your cheapest plan costs 0.1599 cents per message, so every single active user would cost me 20 cents per month.

If I have a medium size application with 5k users, I would need to pay you 1000 Dollar for your service, that shouldn't be too much of a problem because I would probably lose most of my customers because they can't communicate properly without triggering this API and they don't want to share all their private messages with some weird API




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This is one of the most helpful comments I've seen on PH. Well done.
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This is DEFINITELY the most helpful and honest review I have seen on PH in the last 12 months. Honestly, not even sure how this is product of the day.
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This product is great for stopping cyber bullying and outrageous comments

We should use this on HN


Free for Non Profit


No sentiment score available yet

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Hahahaha I love that part about HN 😅 And yes, sentiment score will be available starting tomorrow. Still working on it :) Thank you for trying it out <3
CodingRadio 📻 Maker's Kitchen 👨‍🍳
Also added a Free tier. Use it for your next app and let me know <3
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My rights don't end where your feelings start, sorry.


Saves feelings of snowflakes


Tells people what they can and cannot say...

some guy

Nice effort to combat cyberbullying. As such this product is fucking awesome.

"Better type fucking awesome before it got all filtered out" :)


Simple and Unique way to handle cyberbullying :)


Probably will be hard to filter out slang and short word. But hey.. Cyberbullying has been a long issue and you don't see it solved in a day

Product magician ✨

Keeps your site from turning chock-full of abuse. Very promising technology and even more promising team.

Best of luck to the team!


Super simple to use

Has a free tier, great for indie makers


None so far