Shuffle Trance

A simple, addictive new game for Mac and iOS

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Daniel Fdz Arrieta
indie game developer
Hi guys, I'm really happy to launch this game at last! Shuffle Trance is a simple game with a main goal of keeping your ball bouncing to score points, there are power-ups and power-downs as well as obstacles and stars. Every time you collect a star, the style of the game changes completely making it feel fresh. There are over 600 BILLION possible code generated styles for you to explore, so you'll play an ever changing game and won't ever have to see the same style again. I really hope you enjoy it and share it with your friends, it is available for Mac, iPhone and iPad!! I've been working on it for over 6 months and it's amazing how something that seams simple enough can be so complicated behind the scenes... By the way since yesterday was the "Emoji Day", I'll tell you secret, You can play with emoji as your ball! Just use 3 fingers on the main screen on iOS or type "w" on Mac and a secret screen will apear, there you can type the following: "emoji:(any emoji)" e.g: emoji:😍 And your ball will change to the 😍 emoji until you close the app or type the following code: "noemoji" !
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