Second phone number app

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I tend to not use apps that require a Facebook login in order to use them. The only way to login, as far as I've seen, is to use Facebook. I'll pass.
@fbara Shuffle does not require you to sign up with a social media account. More information on the signup process can be found here -
It seems like this a different use than Burner. Burner is to create expiring numbers, and this is a way to create numbers for specific purposes.
In this day and age it is imperative to have the ability to protect your email and phone number when posting Ads or even Dating Online. Great app with beautiful UI. Very nice.
@johndskoglund thanks for the great feedback, much appreciated! We're still working on polishing the UI. You can look forward to various updates and new functionality over the next couple of months :-)
Android plans?
only for iphone :( well that sucks coz i hate Apple :P