Showdown Live

Play and create live streaming trivia games on your phone.

Play and create live streaming trivia game shows on your phone. Collect coins and redeem them for real gift certificates from your favorite stores like Amazon, Walmart, Starbucks and Bestbuy. It's free to play! Now available in the App Store and Google Play.

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Thanks for hunting, how did you test the hypothesis that individuals are interested in creating their own trivia games? I understand the incentive for players ... maybe less so for creators, curious to learn more @mike_dawson šŸ˜Š
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@abadesi Thanks for the question. We did extensive user testing and spoke with potential users before we launched the app. We found that there are two types of creators. 1) They love being on camera and entertaining an audience. The actor/exhibitionist type and 2) They're so passionate about their topic (ie movies) that they're happy to host a show that brings together other movie lovers. It should also be noted that creators get the highest coin payout in the app so they can earn gift cards faster than anyone else.

The live game is pretty fast and engaging.

The rewards are interesting.


Fantastic user experience and its much better than other apps


Make it available for entire world

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I need this, so I got really excited about it at first. Then I found out it was limited to the US, Canada, and Australia, whereas I have an existing global audience playing the manually-driven trivia game I'm already running each week. On top of that, Facebook is the only registration or authentication mechanism currently available, which means I just can't use Showdown Live until things change.
@dereksilva Thanks for for the feedback. You're right that we have a limited release right now but it's something we're working on changing. Hopefully we'll be able to get the app out to you soon... wherever you are...
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@mike_dawson Thanks for the response, Mike! I'm in Canada, but some of the folks already playing our trivia game at are in the UK, Phillippines, and in several Asian countries. Of course, being in the blockchain/crypto space, I know lots of users who prefer not to use their real name for a variety of things, so that's why getting away from Facebook login for everything would be nice. Beyond all that, I think it would be really interesting to talk about how you could include BloomID as a potential registration/auth method. Let me know if you're up for talking about that, and we can go through the proper channels. :)

Why I love Showdown Live is because it feels like a community. I get to know the other players through the chat. I get to know the hosts by watching them everynight and them sharing fun facts about themselves. Hosts even call you out personally for getting the right answers!! What a cool idea for trivia. I cant wait for the next game!


Easy to use, fun to play, challenging games, different hosts all the


Would love more games per