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Guy Malachi — Chief Product Officer at Showbox
Hello Hunters,

I'm Guy from Showbox ( and I'm really excited to finally share with you what we've been working on.

We developed Showbox to enable anybody to create studio-quality video content. Showbox is a cloud-based solution that transforms video creation into a simple, scalable process that gives you beautiful results you couldn't achieve beforehand. We tried to cover everything needed to create a video, in a way that allows you to go from idea to a professional looking video in a matter of minutes - and without requiring any fancy equipment or prior expertise.

Check out this short intro video to get a better feeling of what Showbox is:

Some of the things that Showbox offers in order to make video creation accessible to all:

- Show formats: our formats are the storytelling "blueprints", which guide you through specific steps for the video you want to create. For example a top 5 countdown, a video to showoff your apartment for AirBnb, or even just you talking about a subject for 60 seconds.
- A library of graphic packages, all created by professional video artists, that give your video a professional look & feel
- Background replacement (“keying”) without having to use a green screen!
- Free-to-use licensed content libraries (from Getty images/videos, ShutterStock, and more)
- Automatic audio mixing and recording a voice-over
- Import your own content from Facebook, Instagram, Dropbox, etc.

The platform is free of charge for individual creators, while we monetize it by creating personalized versions for brands and publishers.

I'm so excited to see what the Product Hunt community thinks!

If you have any questions that you want to send me privately, I'm guy AT showbox DOT com and @guy on Twitter
Manish Pahuja — Director
@guy @showbox Sounds awesome! Can I create vidoes and monetize on yT?
Miriam Schwab — Founder & CEO, illuminea & Strattic
@guy @showbox Can videos be downloaded?
Paul Robert Cary — CEO, Findie |
@guy @showbox congratulations! This has come a long way since I first saw your site 6 months ago. Have you thought about creating a publisher platform like Medium?
Guy Malachi — Chief Product Officer at Showbox
@sidtech yes definitely Manish. When you create a video on Showbox we have an uploader that lets you publish natively to Youtube and Facebook. From there it's just a regular video on your channels that you can monetize.
Guy Malachi — Chief Product Officer at Showbox
@prcary Thanks Paul! We are laser focused on turning high-quality video creation into something that everybody can do. It's not an easy task so at this point that's the only thing we are putting all our efforts towards.
Paul Robert Cary — CEO, Findie |
@guy Makes sense! The team at Station12 intro'd me to your product. We love high-quality video ( and Showbox will definitely enable more people to make high-quality productions!
Guy Malachi — Chief Product Officer at Showbox
@prcary that's our goal! Creating high-quality videos has been way too difficult for WAY too long. That's why Showbox was founded.
Guy Malachi — Chief Product Officer at Showbox
Ethan Chernofsky — VP Headline Media
@showbox Amazing product, so happy to see it finally hit the market!!
Guy Malachi — Chief Product Officer at Showbox
@ethan_chernofsky thanks Ethan, so are we :)
Cameron Steffen — Poet
@guy @showbox Just a heads up. The homepage skips a bunch of slides when I scroll with a touch screen. Looks good!
Steven Jacobs — Founder @soloshave & @edmsauce
@guy @showbox Are videos watermarked for personalized versions?
Adithya Shreshti — Founder of Startuposphere
Oh @guy @showbox I literally started jumping around the first time I tried Showbox - thanks to its simplicity in making amazing videos. Cheers to the team behind. And your Gifs :-P looks like you have a great collection of those :-P
Guy Malachi — Chief Product Officer at Showbox
@camsteffen thanks we'll fix it
Guy Malachi — Chief Product Officer at Showbox
@adithya thanks Adithya! We actually have Giphy as one of our content sources so that you can easily embed tons of cool gifs in your videos on Showbox (as well as Getty and Flickr).
And now excuse me, I need to insert a funny gif that fits your comment :)
David Paluy — Entrepreneur, Dreamer
@miriamschwab you can post videos to YouTube so you can download those too
Max Rehkopf — product manager, Techstars
@guy @sidtech Can you download the videos you make?
Manish Pahuja — Director
@maxrehkopf @guy Not sure. But if you can share to YT, you can download from there.
Fabio Araujo — CEO,
@guy @showbox excelente job, congratulation!.

Some questions:

The videos can be downloades, what format do u support?
Can i monetize the videos on YT and another networks?
Do u have a pro plan for more customize video (more atachements, more duration, etc)

is it just me or is this potentially a really big deal? cool stuff guys
Guy Malachi — Chief Product Officer at Showbox
@thekyleduck yea, it's a HUGE deal :)

Thanks Kyle!
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