Show & Tell

Tell your users about new features. Code free.

Show & Tell is a simple, in-app marketing tool to increase new feature adoption & onboarding on a budget. With Show & Tell anybody can instantly control who sees new features and create Tooltips, Beacons, Walk-through Tours & In-App Messages to market features
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In a word: fantastic. We have used Show & Tell to explain sophisticated features and quickly get users up to speed on new things we've built. Getting it set up inside the project is intuitive. It has become an indispensable tool for us.
@christopher_steiner1 Thanks for the kind words! Glad you like the tool.
Max here, founder of Show & Tell. 🎉Feature Announcements 👋User Onboarding 🚩Feature Flags. Launching new features and ramping up usage is not easy. Which is why we made Show & Tell. Gone are the days of bugging your devs to do some throwaway code to pop a message or show a tooltip. After a quick copy & paste install, anybody on your team can turn on tooltips, tours, banners, beacons and more with a couple clicks. We made the modern toolset we wanted as a product team and really think it could be fantastic for launching features & onboarding for you as well. Plus, we are trying to make it way more affordable than similar tools ;) Please check it out as we hope Show & Tell can supercharge your product development. I'm here to answer any questions
Such a useful product! Love the GA integration 🙌
@lachlankirkwood Thanks! As web developers and marketers we were already using Google Analytics in almost all our projects. So we wanted to see our data where we were already looking.

They're very responsive to feedback


Super easy to use, great way for devs to let non-technical folks add banners or other user communication without a deploy


More powerful element targeting would be nice but it's never held us back

Thanks for the sensible pricing plans. Your competitors are ridiculous with their pricing, which is why I haven't yet tried any of them.
@lincolnwdaniel we felt the same. If you have any feedback for us while you try it out please use the contact form to submit it and we will get back to you.