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Thanks for the hunt @_jacksmith, wasn't expecting to see this here this morning. We're still in very much MVP mode, which we finished just yesterday. We're using several API behind the scenes to make it easier for the people to build their show list. We'd love any feedback you have using the site, and suggestions for future features!
@mubashariqbal Looks great Mubs! #AnotherOne
@mubashariqbal @_jacksmith looks great, i really like it! future feature could be adding the setlist of the concert via
@stusim Thanks Stuart!
@__symn That's good idea, we're using their API already, so should be pretty easy to integrate.
@mubashariqbal This is very cool. A nice feature would be adding multiple dates for a band without adding the band multiple times.
@mubashariqbal messaged me yesterday saying that he was working on (yet another) side project... it was trying to stay under the radar initially but as it goes in tech, people get a hold of things (cool things especially) and they just get released into the wild. I'll let him and Jonny take it from here :)
@bentossell Thanks for hunting us. It's always a nice surprise to wake up on Saturday morning and be on PH!
#ProductHuntReview: I saw an early version of Show List and was super pumped! It's difficult over the years to remember when/where you've seen a show. I think the future is very bright for this project. You could add features that showed which friends you went to the shows with or even alerts for future shows. Well done @mubashariqbal and @jonnastor.
@sethlouey Thanks, Seth! Showing friends you've seen shows with is definitely on our roadmap, as well as a few other key social aspects to help people discover new artists. Thanks again for testing the earlier version too.
Always love exploring @mubashariqbal's new projects. The artist suggestions in the onboarding flow are nice, making it easier to add more to my profile with a hint of delightful nostalgia. That said, I've seen similar sites/apps to this and I don't quite see the utility. Why would people want to browser artists I've seen? Are there enough people that want to "scrapbook" their concert going history? I could be completely missing the use case or I'm just not the right audience (although I love music and go to a fair amount of concerts/shows).
@rrhoover Thanks, Ryan. I'm glad you enjoyed the onboarding flow. The 'scrapbooking' of your shows is the one feature we used to build the MVP on. It had to start here as this is the foundation, but not the end goal. The (near) end goal is discovering new artists and being able to look back to previous concerts and see everyone who attended -- plus explore all their photos, videos, and comments from that same concert. Plus, adding a 'wishlist' for artists you want to see. I believe you are the right audience, we just need to stick to our roadmap and keep pushing out more reasons to keep you coming back.
@rrhoover I was similarly intrigued when @mubashariqbal sent me a link to the MVP to try out. As a major music freak, I was cataloging my concerts on FB way before it was cool or there was any way to do it easily. I also found the onboarding process to be fairly simple, so that's a plus. I've played around with it for a couple of days, though, and did find myself questioning the utility. There may well be something that others enjoy in the "scrapbooking" function, but I think that is a whole different focus than discovery. Certainly the two can coexist, but as a major music consumer, I think I would need to see something more in order to feel I'd use this daily. I suppose one question I would ask is what the strategy here would be in terms of interaction with media (music especially). Because so much of discovery takes place outside the walled-gardens of the major mainstream services, relying solely on them for music acquisition and interaction I think might prove challenging for growth in the long term. That said, cool build, interested to see the next evolution!
Cool! Big thing here would be enticing fans of shows to add more and more - the manual part might be tricky to keep me coming back to update it. Maybe could create a browser extension that lives on ticketing sites, etc. that says "Add to Show List" or something like that, to help automate this engagement. Best of luck!
@dannyfiorentini We definitely need to make the adding of shows easier, and we will in the near future. A browser extension is not something I had thought of, but we will definitely add it to the ideas list and see if it can make it onto the roadmap. Thanks!