Shots of Me

Share what you are doing through selfies and photos

I've held off posting Shots of Me to wait for their next big update. :) I met with one of its co-founders, Sam Shahidi, two nights ago. I loved hearing his thought process and purpose of the app. Admittedly, I didn't see how it was unique when I first played with the product. Looks like just another selfie/photo app at first glance but there are a few very thoughtful design decisions that went into it. Notice that there's NO commenting, NO follower counts, NO filters. Yo, @sammy & @john! AMA!? cc @joshelman @jimscheinman
Figured you were waiting @rrhoover "I held off on posting" is the the PH version of a humblebrag ;) Eager to hear from Sammy & John about what will make the app standout.
LOL, Adam! Yeah. Guilty.
TC narrative on selfie apps yesterday: