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Shot X

Consume post-drinking and avoid rough mornings


Shot X is a turmeric drink that improves your body’s response to alcohol. On a casual night in or the weekend, consume Shot X post-drinking. Wake up feeling great the next day.

Flavor Profile: Orange Creamsicle

Active Ingredients: Curcumin (turmeric extract), Electrolytes, Amino Acids, Inositol.

Would you recommend this product?
Packaging Pro / Brand Builder

I never plan an event where I know there will be a lot of drinking without ordering some Shot X. It allows everyone to enjoy their night so much more without the fear of a gnarly hangover the next morning. I love the taste of the product and I always have some in my fridge to take with me on the go.


Great packaging and presentation, tastes great, natural/healthy ingredients. Haven't had a hangover since using the product.


The tumeric in the drink has a yellow color which looked strange at first but once I tasted it, the color didn't matter.


Definitely recommend to anyone who finds it hard to get out of bed after drinking.


It worked well for me. I was able to function normally after having a few too many drinks at the company happy hours.


It’s bit sweet for my liking.

I’m Vickie

I love ShotX!


Great deal with the great health benefit it comes with. I don’t drink much but I can still take ShotX as a great supplement to my diet.


none so far!

Marketing guy

Pass. There are better hangover prevention supplements out there.


There's a small body of evidence that turmeric is helpful in preventing hangovers thanks to its ability to manage oxidative stress.


9mg curcumin, very small dose. You could buy a piece of turmeric at the store and a tub of inositol for like $10 and have 100x more.