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Uber for Coupon Codes


Shopper.com is a new way to earn money for sharing coupons for online stores.

💰 Get rewarded every time a buyer saves money using your coupon.

ğŸŽ‰ Upload coupons for 38,000+ online stores around the world.

ğŸŽ Access coupons from our website or web extension.

The extension is completely free for users and its available on Chrome and Firefox.

Would you recommend this product?

What I like the most, is that it automatically applies great coupon codes for the products that I was going to buy anyway.


Excellent new way of earning money while browsing magazines in the barber shop and waiting room of the dentist


Mobile-friendly website version works ok, but no mobile App yet

UberProductive Guy

I think this is a nice solution to a very annoying problem of finding and applying coupons online. No need to go to any site, all coupons come to me and they are just a click away.


It saves me hassle, time and energy from those shady online sites that disguise random offers in the name of coupons. It's super intuitive.



indirim kodu

There are 100 million native Turkish speakers in the world and we supply coupon XML in Turkish to the apps.


Yes I would recommend Shopper.com to my friends. The idea is excellent. The slogan "Uber for Coupon Codes" is catchy. Conragulations.


None. Ok, maybe some more Turkish coupon codes could be added by contacting us :)

?makers Would love to be able to use it with bjs.com and cotsco.com