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#4 Product of the DayApril 20, 2017
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Now, with Shopify Pay, your customers can check out in seconds by entering a 6-digit verification code sent directly to their phone. They’ll no longer need to spend time typing in their shipping and payment details anytime they want to buy from you, or any other store powered by Shopify.
@bentossell small typo. Should be "their phoneS" CC: @vernalkick & @tobi & @richardbtaiche
Fantastic, @tobi! 👌🏻
Assuming this is like Apple Pay on the web for none iOS/safari users?
Is this available in Canada / US or just the UK?
@mills_simon Yes! Shopify Pay will be available in all of the countries that are supported by Shopify Payments (which includes Canada and the United States).
@vernalkick super, thanks! I only ask as it linked to a UK domain
Awesome! Well done @tobi and the team!!!