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#3 Product of the DayJune 13, 2018

Shopify Hatchful is a DIY logo maker anyone can use


  • Anthony De GuzmanSEO & Marketer

    Very intuitive. Easy to use across my social channels.


    None that I can find

    Excited to see more designs and logos as they come in!

    Anthony De Guzman has used this product for one day.
  • Pros: 

    Great logos and easy to use.


    There could be more free logos.

    Smoothest UX of any logo builder I've used. Loads of great logos to choose from.

    Nick Hoffman has used this product for one month.


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Ade LabinjoMaker@ade_labinjo
We’re excited to announce Hatchful, a cross-platform digital logo designer for iOS, Android, and Web. Create stunning logos and social media assets for your business in a matter of minutes - no design skills required. Our team built Hatchful to support our ethos of making commerce better for everyone. Our goal is to create more entrepreneurs by reducing the barriers to entrepreneurship. Hatchful helps achieve this end by empowering entrepreneurs with the ability to quickly get their business started with a visual identity. Whether you are just starting your side-hustle or have been in business for years, anyone can easily utilize our tools and create a unique logo. How it works: Hatchful seamlessly bundles the thinking, reasoning, and capabilities of a real-life designer into one product. We start by asking a set of foundational questions about the businesses industry, voice, & brand values. From the answers provided, Hatchful is able to generate unique logos and social media assets for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube. We are still very much in the early days of creating the worlds best logo making experience, so we welcome any feedback or suggestions for improving the product!
Hayden Mills 🦁@haydmills · Founder of FontPair
@ade_labinjo nice work team Shopify!!! 💪
Ade LabinjoMaker@ade_labinjo
Thank you @haydmills!
Fred Gallo@fred_gallo · Brand Strategist @Kula BrandLab
Pros: the briefing interface looks quite nice Cons: the outcome is worse than other similar products. The fact that they don't ask you specific information about your business makes every logo pretty much the same.
Ade LabinjoMaker@ade_labinjo
@fred_gallo Thanks Fred, we do ask specific questions about your business but we can certainly add more. Do you have any suggestions for what we could add? Thanks.
Michael Dupuis@michaeldupuis · CEO, Advenio Inc.
I love this... but you REALLY need to let us upload our own creative. I have a component I already would like to base any logo around, but I'm limited to the selections you offer.
Ade LabinjoMaker@ade_labinjo
Hi @michaeldupuis, thanks for your feedback. What kind of creatives would you like to upload?
Michael Dupuis@michaeldupuis · CEO, Advenio Inc.
@ade_labinjo An SVG or PNG of a specific size and resolution would be great.
Jason Safaiyeh@safaiyeh · TODO Menubar, MyProgress, Vestige
I have a need for mobile app icons. When I buy a logo, does it include just the logo without the text/subtext, that I can resize accordingly for iOS and Android apps?
Ade LabinjoMaker@ade_labinjo
Thanks for your feedback @safaiyeh! We don't have mobile app icons yet, but it's something that is on our radar.
Jason Safaiyeh@safaiyeh · TODO Menubar, MyProgress, Vestige
@ade_labinjo Even if its just a high res of just the icon provided works. Everything has the text and subtext... even the favicon. I could easily resize the icons for my needs.
Zahib Ziaweet@zahib_ziaweet · Techprenuer, FullStackSquid
Tailor Brands feel similar to this. One difference I like here is the designing styles are more versatile. I don't know if there is a way to change the color of just the icon vs changing both. I don't know if that is a logo design no no. I don't really trust myself with color choices and styles so I like that some are selected for you so you can just get started fast.
Ade LabinjoMaker@ade_labinjo
Thanks for your feedback @zahib_ziaweet! Our goal was to do most of the heavy lifting for our users and reduce cognitive overload.