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#4 Product of the DayNovember 05, 2019
Shopify Email is an email marketing tool designed to help Shopify merchants build meaningful relationships with their customers. Merchants can create, manage and track campaigns natively inside Shopify Marketing in the merchant admin.
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This is a big expansion for Shopify. They're in a unique position to simplify the entire email capture and messaging process, meanwhile creating deeper lock-in into their platform.
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@rrhoover this plus Shopify Flow means that they can fully automate almost all of customer's lifecycle.
Hi Product Hunt, I’m a Product Manager at Shopify! I’m excited to announce the launch of Shopify Email in early access to a select number of Shopify merchants today. Shopify Email is an email marketing tool designed help our merchants build meaningful relationships with their customers. Our goal at Shopify is to make entrepreneurship more accessible, and that includes making marketing a lot more approachable. Last year, we made digital marketing easier and consolidated the tools merchants need in one place with Shopify Marketing inside the merchant admin. Now we’re extending that marketing functionality with Shopify Email. Merchants don’t need any experience with email marketing to get started. With Shopify Email, merchants can create, manage and track email marketing campaigns directly inside Shopify Marketing. Highly customizable email templates automatically pull a merchant’s existing brand assets and product content from their store, making it really easy to create an email marketing campaign. Additionally, merchants can send emails using their own domain name with virtually no setup required. Shopify Email includes campaign analytics needed to measure success including email open and click through rates, plus the number of products added to carts and purchased. Shopify Email is now available in early access to select merchants, and rolling out widely early next year. If you’re a Shopify Merchant and want to apply for early access, visit our landing page linked above.
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@jacinther would love to get beta access and test it out!
How does this product compare to Klaviyo?
@alexander_sienkiewicz Hi Alexander - thanks for your question. Shopify Email is built for merchants who are new to marketing their business. You can check out our features on our product landing page linked above.
About time guys, another everyday task simplified by Shopify. I'll be keen to take a closer look at this, it could be a real game changer for our ecom partners. They love great design and simple functionality @jacinther Looks great!
@nick_stakk Thank you Nick, that means a lot!
Question - Is this an app or is it a built-in product?
@ryan_liao Hi Ryan - thanks for your interest! Shopify Email can be accessed directly in the merchant admin.
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