Create embeddable shoppable images/sliders within seconds 🖼️

#1 Product of the DayOctober 07, 2018

Shopables now allows people to create embeddable shoppable sliders and images within seconds. It gives you another way to monetize your images.

Update 1.1 Log

• Multiple Images Slider Generator

• Statistics (views,clicks,CTR)

• Themes for tags (Dark & Light)

• New pricing plans

Shopables is great tool for sales, bloggers and digital marketers.

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What's the difference between Shopables and Linklay (
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@poehah Shopables enters the market with a more streamlined user experience that does not compromise on quality yet offers users much better value for money. Plus new features coming in next update. 😉
@poehah Check out the latest update!
Great IDEA
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*NEXT UPDATE: ~ Adding stats (clicks,views,CTR). ~ Carousel Shoppable Images (Multiple Images). ~ Using a MVC. ~ More customization on tags.
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Love this idea.
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