Shop With Family

Browse products without getting distracted by the price

You get a complete new experience while looking at the product without getting distracted by prices.
The goal of this extension is to help you focus on products.
Always use price filter before wishlisting products to keep products under your maximum budget
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2 Reviews5.0/5
Hi Product Hunters😀 This is my first chrome extension. I made it specifically for my family. While shopping with my mom on Flipkart and Amazon her decision to select product gets so much influenced by the price instead of actually liking of the product. I hope you understand if you shop together with your family members. Selecting the product which you really like is very important. -- Quick Tip: Always use the price filter to make sure all the products you wishlist falls under your budget when all prices are hidden There might be very limited websites currently and if you think your favourite website is not yet included you can message me and I will add it. What do you think about the extension? 🤔
Prices are for losers :) Interesting concept.
@daniel_glutzman I'm glad you liked it😃
Thanks Sumit, It really one of the best way to shop online with family especially with our parents, when they do not want to buy the products that they actually like just because of price tag.
@aryanjalan this is quite common problem, I'm glad you liked it