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Casey Neistat just announced his official merchandise store starting with a line of tees and hoodies and more that are coming soon!

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Vahan Avagyan
Carlos Pacheco
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  • Vahan Avagyan
    Vahan AvagyanCo-founder of Servicejoy

    kudos to him


    r u even serious?

    Casey is like one of the first-shooter vlog Gods from my city and shirts is what he could come up? Smells like a cry for cash to me (i could totally be wrong).

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  • Aaron Wright
    Aaron WrightiOS, Android, Web applications developer

    Can't think of any.


    Design is not what I would expect from this creator.

    I liked Casey Neistat because he created a new category of creator. This "march" move is just sad and the logo is terrible. Would rather see the signature logo that I am sure all followers of Casey are familiar with.

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  • Yiannis
    YiannisFilmmaker || DP

    Great guy but


    Designs are not Casey-like

    Casey has been my favorite vlogger before he even becomes a vlogger. It was back when he made one of his first youtube videos with the bike lanes. Way too back. These designs are so not Casey style. He has a spesific trademark and a cool handwritting but he chose to put his CN initials, that the only thing I can relate them to, is China. Hopefully he will get the feedback and make different designs.

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  • Mason Wear
    Mason WearCo-Founder // Primer Co

    He's diversifying his product offering, and allowing fans to support his brand.


    Design seems very off brand for him. Bad design in general.

    I was hoping he'd incorporate his handwritten style you see featured in a lot of his videos.

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  • Pros: 



    No phone # for customers POOR customer service

    I ordered a hoodie; I got an automated email that order was received, shipping shortly. No other info. Waited over a week. Nothing. No tracking number, no updates. No phone number available to talk to a person about my order (I found a # but phone just rings & rings). Emailed asking about my order. Got an automated response. Very poor service. I'll wait a few more days then contest charges with my bank, which they took almost immediately. I would not recommend them & certainly won't order from them again.

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  • Jonathan Ruiz
    Jonathan RuizProduct Designer @Shazam

    I like the guy, so good for him.


    Logo and designs are underwhelming.

    I would not pay $45 for a CN branded hoodie. Maybe that's just me..

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  • Kwesi
    KwesiStudent @ SJU

    Its Casey


    better design

    Seems like for such a inventive and creative person it lacks the creativity.

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  • Carlos Pacheco
    Carlos PachecoCOO and partner at @Trulyinc



    why is this on PH?

    I'm a fan of Casey but having this on PH is a waste of space. Side not I'll be posting my merch store to PH next week

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  • Pros: 




    He is creative, wild and crazy! Love It!!!

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  • Pros: 

    Ordered 3 weeks ago yet continue to receive empty promises of delivery


    This is nothing but a money grab by Casey and clearly wasnt prepared for it

    Disappointed Casey pulled this stunt and is now falling on his face and failing his customers and followers...

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  • Pros: 

    great quality product

    cheap prices

    reliable shipping

    fast shipping

    and a great guy


    need more designs

    it was a great quality made jumper will most certainly be buying more

    Lewis Bowers-Murphy has used this product for one week.