Ship and Dip

Discover your next favorite dips (Birchbox for condiments)

#1 Product of the DayMay 30, 2014
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I want to watch a tv show where the contestants have to live off startup subscription services alone for six months
@choosenick this. and only living using Shark Tank products.
Hi @rrhoover! We look at condiment competition results (there are tons of competitions, believe it or not) and then run samples through our tasting team. If the products score above our threshold, we put it in a box! If multiple products from the same producer do well, we house the others in our online shop as well. It is so fun/delicious to get to try all the nation's best condiments as they come to us - and even more exciting to get them out to customers!
I love the internet so much.
Now I won't have to depend on my friends/family to ship me stuff from back home.
@thetylerhayes, @owenfi, and I met the founders a few months ago in KC, sampled some dip, and liked what we tasted. It seemed like a 'box of the month club' service that would actually be interesting. IE: stuff I want, but won't think to get myself.