Shine for iOS

Press pause with mindful moments

The new Shine app is a great audio-first way to find mindful moments on the fly—around whatever issue you’re struggling with. 🎧

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8 Reviews5.0/5

Have used the Shine texting service for many months and adore it. Can't wait to launch the app and give it a spin!


Love the daily reflection and connection to like-minded individuals from the texts!


Just about to launch the OS app itself, so not certain if there are any.

I've been a @shinetext user for a while and more recently got to work closely with the team during voicecamp @betaworks. I'm excited to hear feedback on their new app, which uses both technology and human touch (well, human voice), to extend the shine experience to audio.
I love Shine Text and look forward to getting them every morning. Can't wait to check out the app!
I've been a Shine text user from the early days and love getting the texts every morning. Can't wait to check out the app!
I used Shine Text in the past but I look forward to use it again because of the new app. The UI is beautiful 👏