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Cool but I'm confused why not just use F.lux which is great, free, small and works perfectly? especially since F.lux's light seems more effective than Night Shift.
@exlemor In my experience (last year) f.lux didn’t work perfectly. It regularly rendered images poorly; certain colour ranges were displayed as solid blobs. Also, as Night Shift is system level it may use less battery power.
@thirdofmarch Hi Bennett, not sure what you mean by regularly rendered images poorly since it doesn't render anything but I believe you that you had some sort of bad experience. :( I've never had that happen in the years that I have used f.lux I'd love to see data on whether or not Night Shift actually does better battery wise - but at night time i'm always plugged in so doubtful that actually matters.
@exlemor I’m sure it was a rare occurrence, I would only witness it when watching videos and can’t remember if it was limited to just one app or all, but it was regular enough on my system that I ended up uninstalling f.lux. It was very weird, it seemed to be clipping highlights, but not the very top end. If there is a difference in battery life I doubt it would be meaningful anyway, especially as you point out the increase of users being plugged in at night (I’m the same), but there’s always users that would want to utterly maximise battery, haha!
@exlemor Just in case you were curious, I believe this was likely my problem: https://forum.justgetflux.com/to...
An app that lets you "expand the capabilities of the built in Night Shift feature in macOS. You can disable Night Shift for specific apps and custom time periods. It also provides easy access to a slider to fine tune your color temperature. With Shifty, Night Shift becomes a power user feature! Shifty is free and open source."
Nice find! I'm still using Flux, but these kind of options are likely to make me switch!
This is very cool! Since moving over from Flux I started missing some of these features. You can donate something here: http://shifty.natethompson.io/do...
One pet peeve I have with Night Shift that I'd love for Shifty to solve is that it shifts too quickly, over the course of only like ten minutes, whereas Flex shifted over the course of what felt like multiple hours. I can *see* Night Shift happening, which is distracting and doesn't give my eyes time to adjust.