Customize your kicks...from your smartphone

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Fantastic concept, but sparse on details. Flexible funding and lack of a physical prototype definitely make me hesitate. I REALLY want this not to be vaporware.
@andrewtlove i chose not to cover them, i think they're a fake
I want this to be real, but this is certainly too good to be true. And having it on Indiegogo rather than Kickstarter doesn't inspire any confidence.
sneaky sneaky sneakers... I would love for it to be true, but dubious atm
Who wants to start taking bets that this ends up on Kickscammed?
I keep checking back to see if it has been pulled... nope... up and up. Like a slow-motion train-wreck, but instead of injuries it will just be 2000+ people (maybe) learning something about crowdfunding and skepticism. I'll eat one ShiftWear shoe if they ship anything like they have rendered by this time next year.