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#2 Product of the WeekDecember 20, 2016

Shift makes it fast, easy and beautiful to navigate between multiple Gmail, Calendar, and Drive accounts. It's time to put an end to the multiple browser, tab, incognito, logging-in-logging-out nightmare, and de-clutter your desktop workspace.

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  • Ninad FaterpekarUX Designer, Barclays

    Decent mail client


    BEAWARE, They force you to change your signature

    I've used this product on and off for a year. Apart from the constant bugs, the overall experience of the product is pretty decent. However, they lost me when they added that awful " Sent with shift " signature in my signature with no chance of removing it.

    Ninad Faterpekar has used this product for one year.
  • Pros: 

    Great product


    Too expensive!

    Being a pro user for a while now , I really like the product.

    But now I have to upgrade my subscription from pro to advanced for 99$ per year?!

    This make no sense - at least make this upgrade free for long time users.

    Wavebox have basically the same functionality for 19$ per year.

    Don't like greedy software vendors - I'm canceling my current pro subscription.

    Boris Levin has used this product for one year.


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Tobyn SowdenMaker@tobyns · CEO @ Redbrick
Hello Product Hunters, and thank you @awilkinson for hunting Shift! We built Shift with people who rely on multiple Gmail accounts and G-Suite apps like Docs, Drive and Calendar - for both personal and business purposes - in mind. In particular, those that love the Gmail web interface! One of the biggest pain points they face is constantly needing to toggle between all of these accounts. Shift ends that nightmare with one beautiful solution. Here are Shift’s best features: - Access Multiple Gmail/Inbox Accounts - Easily Switch Between Mail, Calendar & Drive - Cross-Platform Support for Windows, Mac, and Linux - Native Desktop Notifications - Support for With Pro, you can add unlimited accounts, across Gmail and Outlook. Shift Basic is completely free, and allows you to access up to two Gmail accounts. The good news? Every Product Hunter gets a free 90 day trial of Shift Pro! To redeem yours, make sure to click through to our website directly from here. Hint: Once you have downloaded Shift, check back in the comments below for a secret coupon code. The first one hundred customers to use the code in-app will get Shift Pro free for an entire year! Thanks for checking out Shift - we are excited to hear what you think! PS: I am putting my CEO cap on, and looking at opportunities to grow Shift. I am considering spinning it out to do just that. Right now, I am interested in chatting with highly motivated individuals that believe they could take Shift to the next level as CEO. I am also open to investors that would like to participate in that spin out. If you can help with either of those, directly, or indirectly, please feel free to email me:
Tobyn SowdenMaker@tobyns · CEO @ Redbrick
For those of you interested in sharing Shift with your friends, family, and colleagues - make sure you check out our referral program! You can share the Shift out of your unique referral code.. found in the app (Shift > Settings > Invite Friends). Have fun and #GetShiftDone!
Adithya Shreshti@adithya · Founder of Knowmad Life | Startuposphere
@tobyns Been a beta user, linked around 4-5 accounts. I like the seamless way of navigating between Gmail, Drive and Calendar. Con - If I want to view any file from my Google Drive, it launches my default browser that redirects me to Google's sign-in page, asking me to sign-in in order to view the file. Can't this happen within this app? I haven't tried the update, thus I am asking here. The other similar apps that I use are Franz / Manageyum and Clean Google Calendar.
Tobyn SowdenMaker@tobyns · CEO @ Redbrick
@adithya Thanks for using Shift! Appreciate your feedback. We're considering including Docs & Sheets additionally so that this doesn't happen.
Adithya Shreshti@adithya · Founder of Knowmad Life | Startuposphere
@tobyns Awesome. Thanks for mentioning it here.
Bruce Kraft Jr.@brucekraftjr · CMO, social media & viral director
@tobyns to increase adoption, I'd also recommend a landing page where accounts can be created without having to download the software to create an account.
Nadia TatlowMaker@nadia_tatlow · Marketing @nadiatatlow
Hey Hunters! As promised, we've got a special surprise for the First 100 to pounce 😺 Here’s what you do: Download Shift > head into Settings > click on the Pro tab (in-app) and enter our special discount code. If you’re quick enough, you’ll be automatically credited with Shift Pro for an entire year free. Ready for it? Here's the code: First100 *Please note that it is case sensitive!
Reinald Freling@rfreling · Founder of CocoaMail
@nadia_tatlow I used the code but nothing happened. And I now spent $19.99 I didn't plan to... There should be a way of indicating the coupon code isn't valid anymore or something...
Reinald Freling@rfreling · Founder of CocoaMail
@nadia_tatlow Is there anyway of cancelling? It says cancel anytime in settings tab but there are no links anywhere to do so.
Mori Baum@mori_baum · Startup growth enthusiast
@nadia_tatlow I'm sorry - your product seems very nice but it feels like a scam when you offer a coupon but I have to enter my credit card details in order to see if I was quick enough. About to uninstall.
Nadia TatlowMaker@nadia_tatlow · Marketing @nadiatatlow
@rfreling Thanks for the heads up. Sounds like a little glitch. We would be happy to provide you with a year of Pro for free, and you can cancel at anytime so that it does not renew (unless you change your mind at some point). Just email us at and we will take care of you.
Reinald Freling@rfreling · Founder of CocoaMail
@mori_baum @nadia_tatlow same here, I feel a bit cheated. Nice product but I simply wanted to use the coupon code, not subscribe for a year.
Sandro Jazzar@sandrojazzar · Co-Founder, Shababeek
You have a typo on your pricing page. It says $19.99 per Year, should be Month :)
Tobyn SowdenMaker@tobyns · CEO @ Redbrick
@sandrojazzar Believe it or not, it's actually ONLY $19.99 per YEAR! :) #GetShiftDone
Manny Orduña@manny_orduna
@tobyns give whoever came up with #getshiftdone a medal 😂
Tobyn SowdenMaker@tobyns · CEO @ Redbrick
@mannyorduna MEDAL AWARDED -> @nadia_tatlow
Nadia TatlowMaker@nadia_tatlow · Marketing @nadiatatlow
@tobyns @mannyorduna I just upvoted the Shift out of that comment 😁
Manny Orduña@manny_orduna
It is actually quite hilarious that Google hasn't implemented a unified inbox yet.
Tobyn SowdenMaker@tobyns · CEO @ Redbrick
@mannyorduna We think so too! We're avid Gmail and G Suite users and struggle with the flip flopping and context switching.
Fraser Smith@frassmith · Software Developer, Shanghai, China
Ok, $19.99 a year isn't expensive, but Kiwi does the same as this for a one time fee that's less than half that. As I said before, yes, Shift looks a bit nicer, but what else is it bringing to the table to justify a subscription over a one-time purchase?
Yecine Dhouib@yecine_dhouib
@frassmith I was thinking the same i use kiwi everyday and it's fantastic. But when people send me drive links or when i have to go on the google developper console or to google play account the nightmare is still here. I have to logout from one account and login into another one ...
Fraser Smith@frassmith · Software Developer, Shanghai, China
@yecine_dhouib When did you last update Kiwi? Drive is built in now, as are Docs, Sheets and Slides as well as Calendar.
Andreas Duess@andreasduess · CCO, Nourish Food Marketing
@frassmith Kiwi is 10 bucks once (Canadian!) and a super-solid product. I have a hard time paying Yet Another Subscription in the email space for a product that doesn't do all that much.
Fraser Smith@frassmith · Software Developer, Shanghai, China
@andreasduess Exactly.
Tobyn SowdenMaker@tobyns · CEO @ Redbrick
@frassmith @andreasduess @yecine_dhouib If you love Kiwi, we love you. People that use Kiwi understand the problem of navigating Google accounts. We thought we could add our own spin and have some exciting features coming in 2017. Shift is more expensive and it's a subscription... we felt that we couldn't build a sustainable business off a small one time fee. Also, we're Canadian too! :)