Boris Levin
Boris Levin reviewedShiftSwitch between Gmail accounts like a boss.
 Not Recommended

Great product


Too expensive!

Being a pro user for a while now , I really like the product.

But now I have to upgrade my subscription from pro to advanced for 99$ per year?!

This make no sense - at least make this upgrade free for long time users.

Wavebox have basically the same functionality for 19$ per year.

Don't like greedy software vendors - I'm canceling my current pro subscription.

Boris Levin has used this product for one year.
Aisha Sequeira
Aisha Sequeira@aishazg02
I agree. I'm a current subscriber who was excited until I saw the price. I LOVE for the Wavebox recommendation, I might use that for more gmails.
Tobyn Sowden
Tobyn Sowden@tobyns · CEO @ Redbrick
Hi Boris - thanks for the feedback. We have expanded our offering significantly with Shift 2.0. As an existing Pro user, you would be grandfathered into the new Pro version (with Google Services and Notification Muting added to your plan, at no cost). Our Advanced plan is very unique, offering Unified Search, and support for web apps + Boomerang and Grammarly. Hope that helps!
Paul Davies
Paul Davies@daviespaulj · IT Manager
I agree with Boris. I really like this product. It's slick and beautiful but I can get the same experience from its competitors for much, much less. Much as I want to continue to support its development (it really has grown extremely well since I have begun using it) I won't pay $99 a year.