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Shift is the productivity tool missing from your workday.


Shift is the desktop app for streamlining your accounts, apps, and workflows. Tired of switching between accounts, and logging in and out? Connect all of your email accounts + your favorite web apps and tools to Shift. Have you used Shift? Leave us a review!

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UX Designer, Barclays

I've used this product on and off for a year. Apart from the constant bugs, the overall experience of the product is pretty decent. However, they lost me when they added that awful " Sent with shift " signature in my signature with no chance of removing it.


Decent mail client


BEAWARE, They force you to change your signature

To be fair, it must be said that's only with the free version. It works like with other apps: upgrade to a Pro plan (starting from 29/yr) and get that signature removed.
Thanks, this saved me the pain of figuring this out later. Not going to use this for this reason.
Lead innovator at Respona
Been using shift for about half a year now, and it's been a life-savor as I have multiple email addresses/ workspaces to manage. Definitely saves a TON of time switching between tabs and different software/apps. And the integrations are plentiful!

Being a pro user for a while now , I really like the product.

But now I have to upgrade my subscription from pro to advanced for 99$ per year?!

This make no sense - at least make this upgrade free for long time users.

Wavebox have basically the same functionality for 19$ per year.

Don't like greedy software vendors - I'm canceling my current pro subscription.


Great product


Too expensive!

I agree. I'm a current subscriber who was excited until I saw the price. I LOVE TryStation.com...thanks for the Wavebox recommendation, I might use that for more gmails.
CEO @ Redbrick
Hi Boris - thanks for the feedback. We have expanded our offering significantly with Shift 2.0. As an existing Pro user, you would be grandfathered into the new Pro version (with Google Services and Notification Muting added to your plan, at no cost). Our Advanced plan is very unique, offering Unified Search, and support for web apps + Boomerang and Grammarly. Hope that helps!
IT Manager
I agree with Boris. I really like this product. It's slick and beautiful but I can get the same experience from its competitors for much, much less. Much as I want to continue to support its development (it really has grown extremely well since I have begun using it) I won't pay $99 a year.
@tobyns I'm bummed I had to hit the uninstall button. When the price drops 50%, please let me know!
CEO, Phenom Division

Been using Shift for a year. First year they had a bug that made clicking within the app go all wonky, told me they would fix it but never did. Did not give me any extra months for putting up with it.

Recent update made my shift app go constantly blank, asked for support but all they told me was restart the app and that would fix the problem (temporarily).

Love Shift's functions but the bugs make it really frustrating, in addition to customer service not recognizing that i've been paying for a year and giving me some incentive to stay despite me living through all these bugs


Looks amazing


Constant bugs that go unfixed

CEO @ Redbrick
Hi Jake - If you can email us directly at hello@tryshift.com, we would love to get this resolved for you!
Founder IconMason.com

To be honest, I don't get excited about email clients. I don't even like email, truth be told, but I like email a whole lot more than I like talking on the phone. I have multiple Gmail accounts for my various websites. Having to use Gmail in a web browser is painful, sloppy, and cumbersome. What I like most about Shift is the ability to just hide the window when I don't want email in my face, but I can easily switch to it when needed.

Switching between accounts is super easy and nicely organized (tabs). As far as the Gmail UI, once you are in the mail client it is identical. My guess is that Shift is built using the Node-Webkit framework so it is technically just a web browser with some nice bells and whistles in an enclosed environment. But that is not only fine, it's perfect. Why reinvent the wheel?

Shift is basically a much better UX wrapper for Gmail than Google currently makes available. It is such a simple idea but it is excellently implemented.

After using the free version for a bit I upgraded to Pro to help support quality work and for a few extra benefits & features.

Money well spent, IMHO.


Shift is so much more user-friendly than Gmail out-of-the-box. I have multiple email accounts and Shift makes it easy to manage them all.


A few bugs here-and-there but nothing major.

innovation management

i left this review on the other shift page .. here now:

in short, the free version is basically a way for you to try your email in this service. you should know it's not really going to look very different.

you then find yourself clicking all over the place to have annoying popups tell you that if you sign up today you can save $10 ... so you can't really test anything else other than email and when you do the email is going to have the shift signature in it. you can't remove this with the free service

this app service will go the route of services like Amy. start off trying to get what they think it's worth instead of what the mass market will pay. there is a difference and if they dont they'll get some customers but they'll never get the million paying customers they want and they're not going to have enough people paying $100 a year to keep everyone happy

i hope the price comes down soon as i've had liked to have given it a go, but it's basically just a different browser and i actually quite like chrome and the apps I use

ironically, i followed an ad from facebook to try this .. thats usually a last throw of the dice for a service like this .. i hope i'm wrong

I just want to add (20 minutes later and after revoking access) .. that if you really really want this, then revoke access and go to exit the app - you then get an offer of 50% off if you sign up today.

it feels spammy. looks great and someone is going to do this .. (if you don't count chrome) .. but my initial thoughts of last throw of the dice were confirmed when i saw that offer


looks nice


forced signature, misleading advertising

Need to upgrade from pro to advanced for 99$ per year?! no way. I was a paying customer but canceled my subscription - don't get too greedy!


Nice product


Too expensive + forcing old customers to pay more

Co-founder of PlaybookUX

They have already integrated with all the apps I use.


I have 5 emails that I regularly check and used to spend so much time switching between accounts. Other alternatives are slow.


I would love to see a combined calendar. I am still switching between the different calendars in the shift app.

Idea treatment facilitator

I would NOT recommend to anyone unless they don't mind a promotional signature, and don't need apps other than Gsuite incorporated.


A lot of web apps in one place--Cool!


'Advanced' is: - expensive and clunky - required to remove promotional signature - required to add apps other than Gsuite

business owner
It's basically just a browser frame with tabs on the side instead of the top. On a mac I can just keep different full sized browser sets open and have a browser group for everything I need and swipe with 4 fingers. I don't get the value really at all, but i'm going to pay $99 and test it with more apps connected, just because I like their FB/IG ads.
This is a good email client. I believe you have done a good job. I dont even pay $99.00 for my windows operating system. There's no way I'm paying that for an email client. You are not price competitive
This was an impulse driven relationship... I saw this and had to install it right away! Loved the idea, never seen this kind of solution before. Ready to try it out, I checked the settings and got to the pricing tab. 100$ seems to be a bit steep, so free is the way, but... obligatory "Sent with Shift" on emails? I don't mind limitation on the app, but being forced to advertise? That's a deal breaker. Uninstalled. Thanks anyway. Reading through the comments, saw some mentioning of Kiwi. Will check that out. :)
I juggle a lot of projects during the day and find it annoying to constantly switch between desktop apps. For example, trying to track down my calendar while toggling between my Drive, email, etc, is such a headache and breaks focus easily. Shift solves this problem by organizing my workflow into one customized workstation. I just add all of the apps I use to Shift, and never have to worry about logging in/out or searching for any app I need to use at the moment. Plus, Shift allows for focused browsing which helps me concentrate on the task at hand and makes being on the web less distracting in general. I highly recommend Shift if you work with multiple web apps to increase your productivity at work!
CEO at Super Copa Tecnologia
For me it is impractical, there are many permissions to be granted.