Sherlock Stories

Humanize your product engagement data

Understandable product engagement data. Because you're a human. Isn't it time your software treated you like one?
Each custom story is complete with account highlights and actionable advice so your customer-facing teams know exactly what to do.
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Wow this looks super amazing guys.
Thanks, @koby_conrad ! We're very excited to launch this first version of Stories because it really fits with where we thing all software - certainly any software that uses data - should be heading. We believe it's our job as software builders to make data accessible to anyone who needs it - including people who aren't typically "data people." We call it "humanizing" data. How do we take all these data inputs and out put insights and recommendations in a way that people can most easily understand and use it. So, this is our first stab. Account-based engagement stories for you SaaS business. Would love any thoughts/feedback!