Sherlock <> Intercom integration

Connect your Sherlock engagement scores with Intercom

Sherlock <> Intercom integration is the only way to integrate user and account-based engagement scores into your Intercom workflows.

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Excited to launch our office Sherlock integration in the Intercom app store (which is pretty badass). This allows you to use Sherlock engagement scores in all your Intercom workflows as well as gives your CS team great context when handling customer interactions. You can see more about Sherlock here: The direct link to the integration in the Intercom app store is here:
@dskaletsky Congrats on the launch! An awesome way to track engagement and improve CS, Sales & Marketing efforts. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
Such a great idea to integrate user engagement scores into Intercom to drive more targeted engagement and customer support. Congrats @dskaletsky and team πŸ‘
Love this! Engagement scores are such a powerful addition to Intercom in helping you onboard and support your customers. Great work team :)
@colinbentley Thanks, Colin. It's definitely our user's favorite integration. Use cases just getting started
This is so awesome. We've been talking about the need for something like this in Intercom for years and now it's a reality! Congrats to the team at Sherlock. Killer app for Intercom right here. πŸ™ŒπŸ»
@mattnhodges Ha! I've been talking about the same thing for we had to build it :)
Very cool.