Virtual Space

Smart sync & share creative projects instantly


Projects you create can be open to all your organization members or closed (hidden) to invited people. You can choose specific file synchronization options for each project: metadata sync or file sync. Metadata sync gives you acces to large data volumes but don't have to automatically download all of them on your device.

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My team works with files a lot, still thinking how to use metadata sync best way lub I like the concept


Cool way to manage my media files, I like split screen file manager


Any way to access files via web?


Really pleased with my system, backed on Kickstarter


Super secure, and the data is physically mine. Not like Dropbox.... etc.


Would like to use with my Synology NAS

Journalist and WebTV Publisher

I was with that project since the kickstarter. And was very passionate about it at first. But everything ended when I got "the product". Sherlybox was looking nice, but wasn't thought through. On hardware side: spin the opposite way to open it (?) and also software: problems with logging to my account ended with hacking the device actually, since it's just a banana pi.

And the service itself is waaaaay behind the competition. I know there's a 2.0 version. I logged in and got asked to pick some organization. None on the list. No explanation at all. I dropped it. Got some e-mail about help with migrating because either I logged in here, or there. Not sure actually. But still... now there are some "organizations". Well... I get one for free I guess since as a Kickstarter supporter I was supposed to have business account forever free. Now it changed and I only get one organization forever. Didn't even check what more they took from supporters. Don't care.

The app was "developed" for 2 years after the kickstarter and then dropped and had to wait another 2 years for the 2.0 version. That's not the way you develop these days. You are either fast, agile, use scalability (aka DevOps pattern) or your business die. Buty yeah, call it a startup and show how fancy you are with the president of your country and everyone will think you're great. Well, here's the thing: it does not work that way anymore. People are not stupid.

I had enough waiting for never-coming update of the software. Installed Syncthing on Sherlybox and my device. And I have client on my Android smartphone. And on my Linux machine and Mac OS. I have web interface. I have infinite number of dirs, files, people I can share it with and there is actually a directory on my drive that is synced. I do not need sophisticated app for uploading files. Just put the file where I have access to it. And there's even version control included if I need one (good for business). Oh... and it is OPEN SOURCE, FREE and I can fit it to my needs anytime I want.

So... thank you. I won't come back to It is yet another failed idea, done wrong, with big words and lack of good product.

Disclaimer: I write it because I've got e-mail from the creators asking me to upvote the product. I decided to take my time and write down the truth of how I feel about the product. After all, this is what this service is about.


Sherlybox has a somewhat good look


Bad website, bad UX, slooooow development, $$$, limits and much more