Virtual Space

Smart sync & share creative projects instantly

Projects you create can be open to all your organization members or closed (hidden) to invited people. You can choose specific file synchronization options for each project: metadata sync or file sync. Metadata sync gives you acces to large data volumes but don't have to automatically download all of them on your device.

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Hi there! Blazej here from team. Sherly Virtual Space is a cloud based smart syncing file manager for your creative and confidential projects: design, graphic, art, music, photography or video. You can work on these in close teams and share securely with clients from your dedicated cloud or your own devices. A few pro tips: - all projects can be open to all your organisation members, or closed (hidden), - guest users are free, can download and comment, can not create projects nor add items, - our platform infrastructure partner is, CSA STAR and ISO 27000 certified. W’d love to get your feedback and answer any questions! PS. We've made a special offer for all Product Hunters: $25 extra credit for any SVS. Please use this code until September 30th: VCmzFmMn.
@blazej_os cool stuff, Blazej!
@Martn webapp will be launched in few days, just final tweeks ;)
Very cool that it has so many features just in one place!
@hrantarzumanyan thanks! We are keeping it simple in familiar file manager style 😎
Nice, congrats on the launch @blazej_os! Love that you're giving the option of metadata sync so I can fetch only the part of the project that I need to review, for example when I'm traveling with expensive mobile connectivity it's not so great to sync down gigabytes of creatives.
@joisig thanks! That's exactly my thoughts behind it, plus security of controlled data access ecosystem

My team works with files a lot, still thinking how to use metadata sync best way lub I like the concept


Cool way to manage my media files, I like split screen file manager


Any way to access files via web?