Shell Notebook is a terminal packed with features to unleash your productivity.
You can:
• Type your commands into cells and run them from the notebook
• Run commands both locally and remotely (via SSH)
• Update your working directory via Finder
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2 Reviews5.0/5
Could you please add some examples? I wanna testing it!
Shell applications always were something magical for me. I love it. Wish you best luck with it.
@sattu Thank you, I appreciate it!
Any code for us testers :)?
@danirogerc Hi! Follow the guide here and let me know what you think :)
This is superb! For those of you unaware. It's similar to Jupyter Notebooks. You can learn more about this style of a shell here:
I couldn't figure out how to get auto completion of directories to work, though (cd prtab>)
I tried it but couldn't get my head around how I should use it. It looks lovely but I need to find some examples.
@ryan_roberts1 Hi Ryan -- Thanks for the comment. I just added a quickstart guide on Medium -- you can find it at Let me know what you think!