Turn Your Google Sheets Into Beautiful Web Pages

Turn Your Google Spreadsheets Into A Beautiful, Responsive Web Page in 3 simple steps. What is it good for? A quick page to show curated articles for a mailing list, a product catalog, real-estate listing, team roster, talent listing for an agency, and more.
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From talking to people I see a need to quickly turn a spreadsheet of information into something visually pleasing. SheetUI is my response to that need. You give it a Google Sheet URL, pick a template, and tap in the columns where you want them to show up. In return you get a visually pleasing and responsive web page that you can embed on your site, or link to in your newsletter or chat with a client.
Alin Panaitiu
Fullstack Developer
A simple idea with wonderful execution! I've been using Liftoff ( with Airtable as a DIY solution for this and while it's been easy to set it up and deploy it on Netlify, I still had to resort to writing a custom watch for changes daemon and forking the repo for adjusting the components layout. I like that SheetUI has the things above built-in and more functionalities like adding buttons and a customisation UI.
The embedded video in the lightbox is broken; you can see it here:
Jenn JudkinsDirector of Technology & Innovation
Great start - very interested in this! Looking for something to replace Awesome-Table with set monthly fee. Awesome-Table wants to charge based on # of clicks which is ridiculous! Hoping premium version will allow for customization / filter views like I had with Awesome Table.
@teachingforward Hi Jenn I'm glad you like it! The pro version will definitely allow for customization/filter views. Feel free to email me at tjchear at gmail. I'd love to chat further with you on what you need for your use case.