Sheet2Site 2.0

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#4 Product of the WeekMarch 23, 2019
Create a website from Google Sheet with pictures, text, filters and links, without writing code
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👋 Hi PH, 1 year passed since I quit my job to follow my passion of making apps . The goal of this challenge was to make $1,000 Monthly Recurrent Revenue and I started my "Hardcore Year" with Sheet2Site 1.0. After 1+ year of 😅 hard work I finally launched the brand new 2.0 version that has a lot of cool stuff: New Templates - Products - Job Board - Tweets - Events - Map view - Table view New Features - Filters and Multi Filters - Mailchimp Integration - Subpages and Navbar - Detailed pages - Multiple call to actions - API to create a JSON from Google Sheet - HTML code - Google Analytics - Links tracking - Chat - Meta title and description - Search Video Demos
P.S. Now Sheet2Site making ~$600 MRR. Let's see if I will reach my goal of $1,000 MRR. I will write an update soon.
@andreyazimov Amazing job on Sheet2Site 2.0, Andrey. Congrats on the launch 🎉
@andreyazimov Nice work! For anyone that needs an easy way to get data from other sources (e.g. SQL, API's, etc.) into Sheets to power your site, check out SeekWell ( We make it dead simple to get data from your database into Sheets using just SQL. You can also automate refreshes to occur up to every five minutes.

Love the progress Andrey is making 🙌


Quickest way to make a website from data


Only supports Google Sheet at the moment

Andrey the idea sounds cool! But why you don’t have trial? I am ready to pay (put information about my card) after I will try and see that it worth my money. Mmm :(
@nikjara There used to be a free tier but I can't find a reference to it now. It'll be interesting to hear from Andrey on this.
@fontalamh just I don’t like to put my credit card info without understanding for what
Congrats on the launch, Andrey 🚀🎉
Awesome update, congrats on the launch Andrey!