She Roams Solo

Travel social networking platform and forum for women

She Roams Solo is a community website aimed at forming a supportive network for women travelers. The website allows you to create your own profile, share photos, videos and blog posts, make friends and chat to others and use our forum to ask any questions you may wish.

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Nice concept. Very useful.
@sromana14 Thanks so much! I have big plans for the website going forward :)
Thanks for hunting @bec_kroegel I would love to hear more about what drove you to create this, please share 🙂
@abadesi I will put a more detailed post up a bit later but basically, I saw how well Facebook groups worked at encouraging travelers and helping them with information. However, I saw a flaw in this, the information was not well organized and kept. The system relied to heavily on Facebook. I also hated how my newsfeed for personal friends became things from people I didn't know. I always liked forums but hated how they were organized, so I'm striving to do better. There are several social networking sites for travelers but I found that I was only ever added by men. That adding would stop if I had a photo of me and a boy. So I thought if I created a space for women only, perhaps it would help encourage some of them to book that ticket and fulfill their desires. A place where people can be warned about scams and maybe even meet up with locals. The website is new but growing and I have huge hopes for it. That's the short version :)
Thanks for building this community @bec_kroegel Traveling alone as a women can be daunting. It's inspiring to read so many great stories - just signed up! :)
@ems_hodge So happy to have you on board. I welcome any/all feedback! I really hope to make this website valuable for all members in time.