She Codes

Coding Workshops for Women (non-profit) πŸ‘©β€πŸ’»

She Codes is a workshop designed to teach basic coding, design and management skills to 10 women.

The first 12-hour workshop takes place Lisbon and we are for looking teachers to expand in other cities around the worlds. She Codes is a non-profit.

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I love how all the teachers are dudes. Maybe get some diversity up in there?
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Hi @katelyn_robertson that's also why we're doing this. I'd love to see this evolving to something bigger where we can have a more diverse set of teachers.
@stenpittet there are a ton of women devs out there that would be awesome teachers. Men teaching women how to be a developer is way different than a women teaching women. My experience as a female developer comes with a set of challenges that are way different than a males. I hope you guys are reaching out to your fellow women of tech and learning a thing or two yourselves.
Hey again @katelyn_robertson. Posting on Product Hunt, Twitter, etc is a way for us to reach out to others. The initial goal was really simple: just teach a set of class in Lisbon, see how that goes and iterate on it. Now I must admit that it has exceeded my expectations but that's also thanks to the site being out. I'm really looking forward to being able to get more woman involved at a teacher level, but I'm still also happy about simply sharing my skills.
Until the later half of the 20th century, almost all coding was done by women. Even the 1st computer program ever was created by a woman. It's a bit ironic how this has changed so drastically that society is needing to make herculean efforts to help bring this back.
Very interesting idea
@kristinaonyschuk I think a self-respecting girl as a person will not participate in this, are they worse than men ?
@kristinaonyschuk @imvaler4ik Thanks for bringing that up Cragy! It's definitely not the intention here, if it was open to everyone, we would have gotten 75%+ of men applying therefore 75% of men participating to the workshop. Our aim is to get more women into tech and bridge the existing gender gap (which is increasing by the way).
@mattaussaguel While I applaud your noble cause, I think you need to cut out that "Women earn 30% less money than men" nonsense in your copy. This is a misrepresentation of statistics, to put it mildly.
@mattaussaguel @mplindner Agreed. It is a false narrative used to generate an emotional response. Also, If more girls wanted to code more girls would code. This just seems to be jumping on the current cultural bandwagon that some how girls are weaker/not capable of being able to decide what they want so a bunch of men must decide for them. Hence the teachers/makers are mainly men.
Love it. How does this differ from Girls Can Code?
Hey @rueter thanks for the question. For me it's more a way to contribute back to the software community from Lisbon. We simply looked at the skills we had and realized we had a opportunity to share them (Matt and I work on our respective projects from Second Home in Lisbon - Matt has been working with Diogo a fair bit). There's still a lot to do to improve the gender disparity in tech so that's a way to see if we can help improve things a bit. Personally I'm quite happy to have the opportunity to use my experience to teach and I'd love to see that growing. It's been amazing to see people reaching out both for attending the workshop or becoming a teacher. Props to @mattaussaguel for kick starting it. Cheers!