Send big files to your friends instantly. Share 10GB in 10s.

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When you’re using a cloud service to store your files, first you have to upload your files to a server and then download it from the server when you want to access the file. ShareON does not store files on any server, instead it creates a direct connection between your different devices. Unlike cloud services, with ShareON the media is stored on the local or remote device and you can immediately access and stream/download the content, thus making it much quicker than cloud services. Cloud services also generally lack the ability to stream video directly. ShareON supports installation on and can send/stream between Android, iOS, PC and Mac.
@kwdinc - thanks for submitting us!! you rock :)
@emigna Great idea, I was part of 500startups Batch 5 accelerator :)
I got misled by the title "Share 10GB in 10s" I think it should state "Start direct-transfers of large files in seconds"- do you see what I mean? Justmy2c! Looking forward to see how this evolves ;)
@orliesaurus The WSJ article linked above states: > "(To be exact, one gigabyte of data will take about five minutes, using either wi-fi or 4G LTE networks.) Or stream a video on your smartphone while riding the subway, from a file back stored on your computer at home.". But I think that's a bit confusing since most of us don't have wi-fi or LTE while on the subway...
Hi! I'm Nicole, CEO of @ShareON Thanks for upvoting! I'm so excited to see our product trending on @ProductHunt! ShareON is still in beta, so we really appreciate any feedback you may have. Feel free to message me (@Nicole_Kim) or Emily (@emigna) if you have any comments or suggestions. Please stay tuned - we're in the process of rebranding (and revamping!) our app. Again, we're so thankful to feel your support so early in the game :) Nicole
I'm curious how their speed compares to @Infinit
Am I wrong to be suspicious of a service that enourages me to use it with my private files, but obscures who's behind it, and how exactly it works?
@mcandrew - apologies if our site is not clear - this was not intentional. We are in the process of rebranding our product and redesigning our site and will do our best to make the new one more transparent