Find people for group activities and travel


Find people for your group activity and travel. Join groups for your next adventure. Post trips, approve participants, discuss details with the group in our chat, plan trips with your friends (private trip mode) and add people if somebody bails on you in the last moment (make the trip public). Leave ratings and reviews to build a trusted community.

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Nelly Kam
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  • Amina Fakhri
    Amina FakhriCopywriter

    Easy to use, beautiful design and a great experience overall.



    This is genius! I love that I can plan a trip and rely only on my preference or choice of destination. If people want to join in - they can! I'm an independent traveler and I love to meet people, but I hate 'selling' activities to my friends. With Sharedtrip people find my trips and join if they are interested in birdwatching or scouting for Game of Thrones remote shooting locations. .

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  • Nelly Kam
    Nelly KamRemote Product Designer & Digital nomad

    One idea, one trip, some arrangements and fun. Easy


    Too much to fill when creating a trip

    I helped this team and during that I just felt in love with this tool. With my friends we finally found where we can discuss, re-discuss, re-arrange all our plans about the event and not to uproar lots of chats we have.

    App is simple (I dont use Fb for events because of too much happening there).

    I also like their dream about safe and cheaper travelling.

    Usually, when I work from other city remotely, I'd love to find some people to go to the tours. Reaching them using social groups was awkward, tinder is about sex. Actually, I dont know any other product where you can make groups and nothing bothers you.

    Also I like the approval of people+leave review, that want to join group, it's airbnb model that really makes your trip open, but safe from trolls/


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  • Anna Aljanaki
    Anna AljanakiTeaching computers music @JKU

    It's a product with a very broad scope. It can be used both for organizing activities locally and for traveling and meeting new people


    ST is for people who are willing to go an extra mile to plan, organize and advertize an activity. Not so many people like this out there.

    What I like about sharedtrip is that you meet people based on your interests, whatever those are. For instance, I am an outdoorsy person. I am also an expat with an academic career who moves from country to country every couple of years. There're activities organized for expats on facebook, for instance, but those are just your regular "let's hang out in a bar" type of party. That's not my thing, but there isn't anything better. On sharedtrip I can organize very specialized trips related to rock climbing or music jam sessions.

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  • Dmitry Prokhorov
    Dmitry ProkhorovResearches in energetics, IPTPN

    Very simple and intuitive design, great product experience. Easy to use, beautiful design and a great experience overall.


    There is still some stuff to improve, but it's normal

    I’ll definitely use it when planning my next trip)

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  • zavrito
    zavritoengineer, freelancer

    after relocation I can not find a company for hikes. I hope that the problem has been solved


    Not yet


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